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Blackboard Opt Out/Opt In Procedures
Posted On:
Tuesday, September 12, 2017
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Blackboard Phone Opt-out/Opt-In Procedures

Recipients cannot opt out of Emergency Calls using either the touch-tone opt-out or the Opt-out Hotline

Attendance calls are considered emergency in the sense that they affect student safety.

Message Type

Delivered To

Opt-Out Footer


Live Person



Voice Mail



Live Person

Outreach Live Person To opt-out of information calls, press 1 or call 855-502-7867.


Voice Mail

To opt-out of future messages call 855-502-7867.


Opt-out Footers

Opt-out footers are included in any non-emergency message. These footers allow recipients to opt-out via touch-tone by pressing 1 when the system recognizes a “live” person has answered the phone. If the system detects an answering device a message will be played directing the recipient to call the Blackboard Opt-out Hotline. Opt-out footers will be played in Spanish for Spanish messages and in English for all other messages.


Live Answer Prompts

To repeat this message, press *.

To opt-out of informational calls, press 1 or call 855-502-7867.

You are now opted out of informational calls.


Answering Machine Prompts

To opt-out of future messages call 855-502-7867.


Note: Opt-out footers are not included when delivering phone messages to extensions, international numbers, and TTY devices.


Opt-in/Opt-out Hotline

855-502-STOP (855-502-7867)

Recipients can call the Blackboard Opt-out Hotline anytime to opt-out of informational calls or to opt-back into calls. The hotline is available in both English and Spanish and can be used even if no calls/texts have been placed to the recipient’s number.

Thank you for calling the notification opt-out hotline.

Para Espanol oprima 7.

We recognized your number as xxx-xxx-xxxx.

To opt out of informational calls, press 1.

If you have previously opted out and wish to resume receiving calls, press 2.

To repeat this menu, press 9.

To change opt-out preferences for another number, please call back using the phone associated with that number.





In the event, you receive a message, but don't hear the message in its entirety OR you accidentally delete the message before you've listened to it, you can retrieve and replay the last 3 messages by calling 1-855-4REPLAY (1-855-473-7529). The system will walk through a series of prompts to replay messages sent to the phone number from which you are calling.  Please note that you must call from the phone that received the Blackboard Connect message.

Replay Phone Messages, 877-REPLAY-1

If you miss a Blackboard Connect message from a school or school district, you can replay that message as well as several previous messages.

To do this, simply call 1-877-REPLAY-1 (1-877-737-5291) from the phone that you were originally called on.

You must call from the same phone that the system called you on to replay the message.
Please follow the voice instructions when you call.