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Family Engagement Plan 


Family Engagement Plan

Charleston Elementary

If you have any questions concerning this plan, please contact Regina Smith at 336-2232.

Goal Statement: Encourage and maintain effective relationships between school and community.                   

Objective 1: Provide timely communication concerning school curriculum, assessments and events.

 Action Plan:

1.             A system-wide calendar is distributed at the beginning of each    school year within the parent handbook.

2.          Open House/Parent Meetings are held annually to orient parents to the beginning of a new school year, define school-wide Title 1, their right as a parent to be involved, and AYP results.

3.          Parents are provided awareness regarding the Family Engagement Plan in an understandable and uniform format, and to the extent practicable, provided in a language the parents can understand.

4.           A website for our school system is regularly maintained with postings of the school calendar and links to the school website.

5.           A newsletter is sent home to all parents to provide information about upcoming events and an overview of school activities. The newsletter is sent every nine weeks.

6.          Mrs. Grannan provides weekly communication with teachers via e-mail concerning the following week and all school activities.

7.          The school website is maintained to provide parents the opportunity to view current school events, curriculum offerings and the state's academic content standards.

8.          A student/parent handbook is provided to outline school procedures, discipline policies, dress-code, and other pertinent information.

9.          Weekly communication folders and data notebooks provide parents information of their child's grades with any comments from the teacher.  Parents sign these folders so that teachers will have documentation of their receipt.

10.       Teachers and staff will log any phone calls, notes, or personal contact with the school community.

11.         Parent/Teacher conferences, phone calls, notes home, school sign, flyers and posters are other means of communication.

12.           Parent/Teacher Conference Day is provided, in first semester of each school year and offers a flexible number of meeting times. Other conferences are scheduled at the parent or teacher's discretion.

13.     Test results from standardized tests are sent home with report cards at the beginning of the year.

14.            A description of curriculum and the expected proficiency levels for each grade level are given to parents and students annually.

15.            A guide to curriculum and state standards is provided and available for viewing on the county website,

16.     A marquee sign is placed at the school’s entrance to display upcoming monthly events.

17.            Ed-Connect, a phone tree messaging service, is utilized to inform parents of upcoming school events, testing information and/or other pertinent information as it pertains to the education of their child.


Objective 2: Promote family and community participation in school activities.


Action Plan:

1.          The school sponsors a parent-teacher organization with regular meetings according to guidelines.

2.          Parent Volunteer Orientation Meetings are held at the beginning of the year.

3.          A parent volunteer handbook has been developed and is updated annually. All volunteers are provided a copy of this handbook.

4.          Volunteers sign-in upon arrival to the school so that their participation can be monitored.

5.           Title I teacher serves as Family Engagement coordinator and match volunteers to service opportunities.

6.          Volunteers will be required to sign in and hours worked will be calculated in order to monitor and recognize them.

7.          The Parent Volunteer Policy of Charleston Elementary will be distributed to each volunteer.

8.            The PTO sponsors a Back to School Bash at the beginning of the school year for parents to meet the teachers and receive information for the up coming school year.

9.          A Partnership Brunch is held in December for the community partners is appreciation for their gifts/donations to the school.

10.       Parents are invited to assist in the production of numerous    school activities, such as: field trips, in-class art projects, fall festival, field day and school musical.

11.        Information related to school and parent programs and other activities is sent to the parents in a format and, to the extent practicable, in a language the parents can understand.

12.         Parents and staff are educated on the importance and value of building ties between the parents and the school.


Objective 3: Provide curriculum-based activities to be utilized at home to enable and encourage parents to participate in their child’s education.


Action Plan:

1.           A monthly newsletter is available on the schools website to parents called the “Home School Connection” that provides learning activities for parents to do with their children.

2.          Families will have the opportunity to participate in activities that promote family togetherness. Several Family Engagement activities will be provided throughout the year.

3.          The 3-Tier Reading program is utilized and provides parents, whose children need intensive reading instruction, the opportunity to participate in data team meetings. 

4.          4-H projects provide parents the opportunity to participate in activities such as speech writing, bread baking, and creative arts with their children.

5.          Families will have to opportunity to participate in a Home Reading Program and The Accelerated Reading Program.

6.          A Family Reading Time will be hosted by the school.

7.          Materials and training may be provided to help parents work with their children to improve their achievement.

8.          In coordination with our off-campus pre-school program, certain materials and/or other pertinent information may be offered to the parents of the children who attend that school.


Objective 4: Provide parent and community opportunities to give input

concerning schools needs and goals.


Action Plan:

1.          Parents and community member will serve on School Improvement/SACS Committees and Title 1 Task Force.

2.          Surveys are conducted annually of all parents, students and teachers. Survey results are used in conjunction with test scores to develop the SIP/SACS plan

3.   The P.T.O. Executive Committee will work closely with the principal and staff.

 4.       The Student/Parent/Teacher Compact was jointly developed by teachers and parents from all schools in our district and is reviewed annually at Title 1 Task Force Meetings.

5.          Suggestions are taken annually at the Parent Volunteer Orientation for improving parental participation. 

6.          The Student/Parent/Teacher Compact was jointly developed by teachers and parents from all schools in our district and is reviewed annually at Title I Task Force Meetings.

7.           Parents may be invited to serve on the Director of Schools Advisory Committee.

8.          The school website is maintained to provide parents the opportunity to view the Family Engagement Plan and offer suggestions and/or amendments to the plan.


Objective 5: Coordinate community services with students needs.


Action Plan:

1.          C.E.S. will maintain a positive working relationship with BEST partners.

2.          C.E.S. will maintain a positive working relationship with our faith-based partners: Central Church of Christ, Council Baptist Church, Westwood Baptist and Bowman Hills Seventh Day Adventist.

3.          C.E.S. will continue a close relationship with the city council of Charleston, the police department and the fire department.

4.          Brenda Lawson, local businesswoman, pays for Christmas shopping spree of $100 for each needy student in our school.

5.          There is an on-site Y.M.C.A. after school program.

6.          Family Resource Agency and C.E.S. work together with the Pre-K

Program to transition preschoolers onto our campus.

7.          North Cleveland Church of God has partnered with Bradley County School System to provide after-school care, including homework assistance and enrichment classes, for underprivileged students.

8.          The State Department of Tennessee has provided free dental check-ups for all students with referrals to local dentists for follow-up care when needed. Sealants were provided to students free of charge.

9.          The Charleston Elementary Classroom teachers identify students who might need clothing, shoes, or school supplies. These services are provided by local churches, the Shriner's of Cleveland, Junior Auxiliary, Lion’s Club and other organizations.

10.        School Counselor works in coordination with Park Ridge Valley Hospital, Hiwassee Mental Health Center, Health Management Services, Pinnacle Psychiatric Services, and the Department of Children's Services to support students' mental health needs.

11.         Free vision screenings are conducted each year by the Lion’s Club of Cleveland.

12.         YMCA provides an on-campus after-school program for working parents.

13.          Big City University provides after-school programming for students who may have lower socio-economic backgrounds.  This program provides new and innovative activities that integrate academic content with a creative environment.

14.            Various guest speakers are invited to visit with students who may be in a current study related to their specific field of employment. (Examples: the Mayor of Cleveland, local dentists, veterinarians, employees from Cleveland Utilities, Bradley County Sheriff's Office and many others).


Evaluation: Evaluation will be based on the completion of each activity in the Action Plan listed above. A survey will also be distributed to parents and the community each year to determine the effectiveness of this plan.